Our aim at Pure Bride is to bring our wonderful readers the very best of the Tasmanian wedding industry. Are you a new supplier, creative, wedding-extraordinaire in Tasmania? We’d love to hear from you! Below are some important details about our Expo & Magazine for interested vendors. To register, click on the Registration link below to access our full registration portal.





Pure Bride Expo & Fair

When & where?

Sunday 20th October, 2019  in Hobart


Registration deadline

Registrations will be opening soon, and will close on the 31st August 2019. Receive an extra 5% off if you register before June 30, 2019!


Ticket sales for Attendees

$15 each ($45 VIP packages)



We love our event, because it’s all about REAL Tasmanian people and Tasmanian businesses. The expo is the perfect chance to introduce your business to all the soon-to-be brides and grooms in Tasmania, and inspire them. It also is a fantastic chance for you to network with other suppliers, and get to know the industry, particularly if you are establishing yourself. Participation in the Pure Bride Expo is open only to businesses advertising in the Pure Bride Magazine. You may choose the size of your ad in the magazine, upon registration.


What to expect

Our event is going to be a bit different this year. But, expect a lot of smiling and talking! Pop up fashion shows, featuring real Tasmanian people of all shapes and sizes, and it will be a bit of fun. Tasters, samples and ways to interact with the audience are all great ideas, and we encourage you to be as creative as you can be. 

More details will be released in our media kit very soon, so stay tuned!


Pure Bride Magazine

Release Date

Each year, we release the magazine on the same day of our expo. This year, it will be the 20th of October 2019. The magazine will be on the shelves around Tasmania and with our mainland distributors for the following 12 months, as well as available through our website. 


$21.95 inc. GST

Our Readers

The magazine is primarily aimed at a Tasmanian audience, but will also appeal to a mainland demographic who could be looking to elope or have a destination wedding in Tasmania. We believe Tasmania is a first-class destination for weddings, and wish to promote the amount of unique suppliers and the quality of products available. Our readers also love the amount of inspiration in our Real Weddings section, so this makes up approximately half of the mag.  Pure Bride certainly has a feminine vibe, however we hope our editorial will appeal to a broad ranging audience, including vendors and suppliers.


Pure Bride Magazine aims to present the very best, on-trend graphic design among the contemporary Australian magazine industry. We take pride in our luxe aesthesetic, and beautiful minimal style. As we are an annual publication, our magazine is more ‘coffee table style’- and therefore is very image-based. Expect to see a bit of a refresh this year, but we will be sticking with our beautiful matte paper, so our readers are able to scribble down notes and ideas as they go.



We will be expanding our editorial this year to encapsulate all of the wonderful things going on in the Tasmanian wedding industry. As such, our stance on advertorial content has changed and we will not be offering advertorial. We want Pure Bride to feature authentic, original and curated content that is aligned to our brand and our values. We hope that this creates more engaging content with our readers, and it allows us room for more diverse editorial content. Certainly, we are interested in collaborations, so get in touch as we’d love to chat. 

Quality guidelines

Pure Bride is dedicated to ensuring all advertising content reflects the aesthetic and branding of our magazine. We allocate 30 minutes to edit your ad, to fit with our look and feel, and this is included in the price of advertising with us. Print-ready adverts can be provided in PDF or JPEG format at no less than 300dpi and with a CMYK colour profile.

Advertising deadline

31st July 2019

Our online directory

All advertisers in the magazine will have their company details placed on the Pure Bride vendor directory website free of charge. Details will be taken from the company website / social media unless otherwise specified. If you’d like to be added to our online directory, please email info@pure-bride.com.au.

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Registrations Opening Soon