2020 Wedding Trend Alert

With our next issue of Pure Bride around the corner, we thought we'd update you on some of hte trends we've seen recently that we think will ramp up this summer.

1. THEME IT ALL WHITE Clean, crisp white always looks chic and is so versatile and works for every type of wedding, from a breezy beach bash to a glam, city celebration. You’ll be happy to know that the bridesmaids-wearing-white tradition is in fact longstanding, as it was said to confuse evil spirits! Only in recent years have bridesmaids started wearing colours.

But hey, anything goes these days! You can still get creative and contrast gorgeous textures and showcase your besties’ personalities and preferences, so why not in white?

See our Pinterest board at https://www.pinterest.com.au/PureBride/all-white/ for some more inspiration!

2. CREPE IS BACK Crepe is back in a big way ladies. As soon as Meghan Markle stepped out hand-in-hand with Prince Harry wearing a Stella McCartney simple white silk crepe halter neck dress for their reception, crepe’s fate was sealed as a major trend for 2019.

Flattering, comfortable and minimally chic, it’s no wonder these dresses are flying off the shelves, at reasonable price too! Still plenty more to see this summer, check out Made with Love stocked in both Hobart and Launceston!

What else can you expect to see? Fabulous corsetry and layering, fluffy frocks, bohemian gone romantic rebel, and modern volume and layering. We think 2020 is shaping up to be a trendy year…

Made with Love is bringing out plenty more of these gorgeous silhouettes. Stocked at Little White Boutique in Launceston and Confetti Weddings and Events in Hobart. 

3. GLAMPING WEDDINGS Glamping weddings are still booming as more people are opting for venues and locations off the beaten track.Weddings can also go so quickly, so the beauty of glamping is that you often get two nights and that makes it more of a holiday weekend for your friends and family. There are plenty of mobile glamping companies popping up around Tasmania, worth considering if you had a property in mind!

4. INDIVIDUALITY Creating a celebration that reflects you as a couple has become the focus of planning a wedding in recent years… and hey, what a fun way to look at it! The day is all about YOU and your loved ones. Does that mean you elope just with the two of you and your fur babies? Or perhaps it means you have a festival wedding with an open invite! The choices are endless, and it means that no two weddings will be ever the same. 

But easier said than done, right? How do you make the day you? Don’t be overwhelmed, this is where choosing suppliers come in. With their expertise in bringing a vision to life, help is never far away. They’ve dealt with all different types of couples, so have seen it all and will pretty quickly pick up your vibe. Cookie-cutter weddings are a thing of the past, and Tasmanian local stylists have a whole lot of great things going on. 

Cat, a Real Tasmanian Bride from Issue 7 who had an intimate wedding of 20 guests on Tasmania’s East Coast advises others to just “do you” and choose suppliers that get you. 

In planning our wedding, the most important thing was trusting all of our suppliers and working with great people. On the day, we had 100% confidence that everything would be amazing – and it was.”

“The best thing we ever did was choose our venue, guest list (having a small wedding helped), suppliers, vibe and dates before chatting with our family. It gave us to really think through how we wanted our most special day to go.” Come and meet more of Pure Bride’s partner suppliers at our Annual Showcase Event on the 20th of October, and they can tell you first hand how they work their magic!

5. SUSTAINABILITY Many couples are well aware today of the impact of hosting a large event, not just on their bank balance but also on the environment around them. More couples are now opting for enviro

nmentally friendly choices that contribute positively to the community around them.

Sites such as Less Stuff More Meaning provide handy tips for the earth-conscious bride and groom, from going zero-waste, finding healthier menu alternatives, to general advice on how you can make your event more planet-friendly. The Mindfully Wed e-Guide is a great place to start! https://lessstuffmoremeaning.org/mindfullywed-eguide/