Phoebe + Ryan

Photography: Jon Jarvela Photographer

We love these guys and their gorgeous happy faces, beautifully captured by Jon Jarvela Photographer! Phoebe + Ryan just have that look about them. You know they’re going to be together and exceptionally happy for a very, very long time (forever, in fact!). You can feel and see how much they care for one another in the photos and words below by Phoebe—read on to hear their adorable engagement story!

“Ryan and I had been together for nearly five years after meeting at work at the Coles bakery (the most romantic of places), and it was coming up to our anniversary. He has a bit of a habit of spoiling me all the time so I really wanted to do something special for him. He had been going on about heading up to Mount Wellington for the day but I knew it wasn’t really going to fit in with my plans, so I kept trying to talk him out of it. In secret and with the stealth of a super spy, I planned a weekend away at Port Arthur after exams for our anniversary weekend. I had it all planned out and was thinking of just packing a bag and surprising him, saying “Ok here we are, we’re going somewhere, ta da!” but my dad convinced me that he might want to pack his own bags instead. So I told him we were going somewhere and that he would need to get ready for a weekend away. I then explained that this was the reason we would not be able to go to Mount Wellington but he was still convinced that we simply had to go.

So we drove down to Port Arthur and settled in for the night before rising bright and early on the Saturday morning to head back to Mount Wellington! We arrived up at the top of the mountain and proceeded to wander around, taking photos. I had been suspicious at first but when we had been there for half an hour and nothing had happened, I decided that Ryan must have just really wanted to come up the mountain for the day! I was leaning out over the balcony and taking a picture when I heard my name. I turned around and focused the camera in on Ryan’s face before realising he was on one knee! He asked me to come over and I got all squealy as he asked me to marry him. He told me later that he had been planning our engagement on Mount Wellington for years because it is such a significant part of Tasmania and now every time we look at it, we will think of each other (and it is true!).

Slightly unintentionally but continuing along the theme, the wedding will be at Cradle Mountain in January!”

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