Inside The Frame


Hey folks!

If you're having a serious look at my pics, you'll be wanting a better idea of how I do my work. Really, I shoot weddings the way I would want my own captured: right there as it happens, in the moment, full of life, colour and contrast. Immediate.

I'm for getting straight to the heart of things: the beautiful, honest, truth of this day in your life. A wedding is life intensified: its a massive celebration, a family drama, a love story, and everything else, distilled into one day. The good stuff is in each of those honest moments that a wedding brings out. No special effects needed.

I'm for your day being yours, for the most of your time being spent with your people, for you really being in the experience of your day. I'm all about capturing moments without manipulating them. Honest.

I'm for real people. Because real life is better than fantasy. I'm for folk who want to live, and remember, the true moments. I'm for folk who want to be real and stay real.

Truth is, I just want to take beautiful pictures, of this time in your life, that honestly express all the human moments that flash by: I just want to grab them.

What I'm getting at here, is that there are three big things I want my photography to be:

That's my way of making pictures.

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