Honey Child's Creole


An American Creole who has called everywhere from Honolulu to Hobart home, Toni arrived in Tasmania in 2008. Inspired to give thanks to the people and country that welcomed her, she embarked upon a mission to introduce herself and show her appreciation by way of exhibiting the tantalising treats of her heritage. Twelve years later she runs her very own successful food truck and catering company.

“My food is love in action. I am blessed to be invited to personal sacred events. I believe that it is not just about feeding people but maximising the event and punctuating it with amazing food”.

So what does this mean for the affianced loved up couple? An enchanting adventure through the history of your tastebuds! To develop a menu for your nuptials and to tell the culinary story of you, Toni brings to light your favourite foods as a child. The treasured treats of today and nostalgic nibbles converge to create a truly memorable feast. She thoughtfully stitches together a menu from scratch, that brings everyone on a simultaneous journey of flavour. She prides herself on using fresh, local, in season produce that is pocket friendly.

To top it off she will create your very own individual his and hers taste sensations to indulge in. But just when you think she is done, she will continue to surprise you over and over and over again.

“My food is familiar and welcoming, bold and fearless, comforting and nostalgic. It brings people together and sparks a sense of joy and of revelry”.

0424 172 191