Fiona Jennison


I love weddings and love seeing people in love!  I get caught up in the excitement as much as the couple themselves, and every wedding I officiate becomes my favourite!  I have LOTS of favourites!! and I have lots of beautiful couples who are now like family to me. It is such a privilege to be involved in such beautiful personal memories, I hold each one dear to my heart.

My role as a celebrant is to help convert your dream ceremony into a reality and ensure that it's legal! I love the adventure of planning and helping couples create a ceremony that is personal and uniquely reflective of their relationship.

Getting married is an emotional time and can be stressful! My job is to take as much of that stress away from the ceremony as I can, and make it easy, relaxed and fun. Sometimes there are surprises that happen on the day that adds to the excitement and the memorable moments, but my philosophy is that we plan (and control) as much as we can, but sometimes we just have to roll with whatever the day brings.

Love takes us all on an adventure and I would love to share your journey and help you make your dream ceremony a reality.