Latest DIY ideas to try…

Have you recently postponed your wedding? Or maybe you’re planning your wedding but can’t leave the house? We’ve come up with some DIY activities to keep you entertained whilst stuck at home with plenty of time on your hands. 

Make your own confetti

Got time and lots of baking trays? Then get drying! From gum leaves to rose petals, simply gather and and sun-dry your own confetti. Eco-friendly, free and super easy!  

Treat your bridal party

Prepare a gift for your bridal party that can keep in the bottom of your wardrobe until the big day! Perhaps you could sew some robes, or make your own face masks? Go all out and make individualised tote bags, like these!

 Get creative with signage

Make your own welcome sign or seating chart for the big day- see what you can find around the house, whether it be an old frame, and easel, or pallet. We love this simple DIY sign from Emma & Chris’s Real wedding from issue 7. 

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Build your own wedding website

With all this downtime at home, jump online and check out some of the wedding website builders out there. A wedding website isn’t just an online invitation- it can contain updates for guests (ideal when plans keep changing!) and much more information that you can fit inside an envelope. From accommodation options to order of events and introducing the bridal party, you can build a site as detailed as you like. Make sure to include RSVP-ing functionality- a real time saver!

Depending on how much you want to spend, you’ll find plenty of templates online to get you started. Standard website building sites such as Squarespace or Wix offer great solutions, or we also love Joy or Zola (above), specifically designed for wedding invitations. Already sent out paper invitations? Ask your designer whether they can also help you set up a website!

Create your own favours

Whilst a non-essential these days, wedding favours can be a fun personal touch. Have a think about what you’d like to leave your guests with… perhaps a little pot of honey? Or even a homemade liqueur? Use the excuse to get creative and try something new that represents you. See more ideas here

Plan some activities for the kids

Expecting a lot of little ones? Look at these cute little kiddie packs- packed with pencils and colouring in and other activities, your friends will be thanking you on the big day for keeping them entertained!

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