Jai Hay Jeweller

Not just a jewellery store, but a craftsman’s workshop. Jai Hay Jeweller has over 15 years experience in crafting fine jewellery, using the same classical techniques that have been used for hundreds of years.

Jai Hay Jeweller is the jewellery shop to visit in Hobart if you desire, not just a mass produced piece of jewellery off the shelf, but a unique and individual piece of art that can be treasured and passed on for generations to come.

When visiting a fine craftsman like Jai Hay Jeweller, expect not, the service that you might receive from a jewellery shop churning factory produced pieces, instead expect that good old fashioned customer service that we all miss, with the jeweller himself working with you to produce that one of a kind piece that tells your story.

A: 7a Mather’s Lane, Hobart
P: (03) 6231 5414
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