Pure Bride Events

At Pure Bride we find beauty in the quirky and the unconventional. There are an amazing array of skills, designs, colours, services, people and planning behind the Tasmanian bridal industry and we here at Pure Bride have jumped at the chance to get involved! Using bridal information we have gathered from the Tasmanian industry over the last five years, we have crafted three different annual events that work to provide you with the ultimate bridal experience — whatever you’re looking for!

South Tasmania

The Pure Bride expo is our biggest event, held at the Derwent Entertainment Centre. The expo is packed full of exclusively Tasmanian suppliers and bridal fashions, with dedicated areas of the centre styled to present differently themed wedding decor. There are opportunities for you to to interact with a large range of Tasmanian companies and have every opportunity to discover the products and/or services you’re looking for — from sampling canapés and wine tasting to cake decorating! Each guest attending the expo will have the chance to purchase Pure Bride Magazine, which contains all vendors products and/or services advertised within its pages.

Save the date: 20 October 2019