Courtney & Michael

Venue / Home Hill Winery
Photographer / Sophie Sullivan Photography

Courtney shares with us the special details from her and Michael’s winery-wedding in Southern Tasmania…


We took our photos beforehand at Michael’s cousin’s boutique hotel Maylands Lodge. We took our photos first for two reasons, one we wanted to have the reveal just be a moment shared between the two of us but also to save time later. We didn’t want to leave our own party that we had been planning for months for three hours! This also meant we got to relax before the ceremony and we could have drinks with our bridal party.

I got my dress custom made in Vietnam because I wanted something plain and elegant that wasn’t going to cost and arm and a leg. It turned out to be my dream dress particularly because it had pockets!

Michael made his own wedding band from a railway nail from a camp where his grandfather was a prison of war. He used the nail and turned it into a very sentimental ring. Michael also designed and helped make my wedding band at Metal Urges (there are photos of him wielding bits of diamond in). Michael also made all his groomsmen a handmade wooden tobacco pipe which they all loved and used on the night to smoke fancy tobacco.

One of my closest school friends since I have known since prep was our wedding celebrant which made the ceremony all the more beautiful. We wrote our own vows and I promised to support Michael with his wild hobbies (bee keeping, jewellery making, raising quails, home brewing and bushwalking) and he put Biggie Smalls lyrics in his to honour my love of hip hop.

Michael is an extreme animal lover and one of his requests was for us to have access to the alpaca paddock! Unfortunately our furry friends didn’t want to get too close but we still had a blast trying to pat them.

And finally…we got a friend of ours to run a game where we had to answer questions and raised each respective shoe for answers which added another element of fun to the day!

Dress / Custom made in Vietnam
Brides Rings / Metal Urges
Grooms Ring / Handmade
Shoes / Bared Shoes
Makeup Artist / Holly Ella Beauty Studio
Bride’s Hair / Rachael of Lehcar Hair
Accommodation/ Maylands Lodge, Hobart

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