Favourite 2020 Tasmanian Wedding Vendors

Well, 2020 is upon us! And if you’re planning a wedding in Tasmania then relax, you’re in the right place!

We’ve given you a breakdown of our favourite vendors leading into this year, who were featured at our Expo at the end of 2019, and in the latest issue of Pure Bride magazine. You’ll find these guys over in our Directory, so check out their listings for more details…

The Where

The biggest influencing factor in planning a wedding is of course- where! These venues below do the hard work for you:

  • If you’re looking for something close to Hobart, make sure to check out the Royal Yacht Club in Sandy Bay for some great wedding packages.
  • If you’d like the city experience and the option of staying the night, then you can’t go past the Henry Jones Art Hotel on Hobart’s waterfront. 
  • Prefer to arrive by boat? Peppermint Bay in Woodbridge and MONA in Hobart’s northern suburbs offer a range of packages that include water-based transport for your guests or bridal party. 
  • Like the idea of getting out of the city? Barilla Bay is also the perfect distance from Hobart and of course is renown for their seafood. 
  • In the North of the state, we love Stonesthrow just out of Launceston, which has a picturesque rural backdrop. 
  • Alceme- facilitated by House of A Event Management. A gorgeous, pure space in the heart of Hobart. 
The Attire
  • In Hobart, you’ll find Confetti Weddings stocking a range of exclusive labels such as Made with Love. Strutt Design also in Moonah has a great bridal suite (you’ll need to make an appointment) and also have started designing their own gowns! Both these stores offer a great alteration service as well. 
  • If you’re looking for a quick fix in Hobart then head along to Alterations Central on Harrington St for a quick turnaround service. 
  • ZIOLKOWSKI – Evening & Bridal Couture- Celyna has a wealth of experience designing gowns for international bridal labels- and she is now in Tasmania! How lucky are we!
  • In Launceston, look no further than Little White, stocking labels such as Rosa Clara and Made with Love. Again, wise to book
  •  an appointment. 

For the boys…

  • We love these quirky shirts by Sophie Goodluck Designs- made to measure out of beautiful Tasmanian-designed fabric. Check out Buron Metal Depository for some beautiful handmade mens items- not just wedding bands but cufflinks and the works. 
  • Extra special details? Check out Burton Metal Depository, beautiful hand-made cufflinks and mens accessories made locally in Tassie. 
The Details

Well, the details is where the fun begins! Where do we start? Here are a range of florists, stylists, co-ordinators that will help ease your planning stress. 

  • Coral & Teal- Ange will bring your florals to life in the most amazing ways!
  • Style My Day- Nina from Style My Day will cover everything from table settings, to beautiful arbour set ups, and works all around Tasmania.  
  • Cabbages Flower Shop– based on Hobart’s Eastern Shore, head on in to see their beautiful store and wide variety of blooms
  • Salters Hire– from bar ware to lounge seating, any extra details you need these guys hire it if you want to do it yourselves. 
  • Queen of Crowns- we love the unique crowns that Carena creates, and they even do DIY kits!
  • Silver Belle Design– offer unique laser cutting signage and accessories to complement your day
  • Doh a Dear– for stunning stationary and invitations
  • Styled By Us- stylish set ups from hens days to large events and weddings
The Ceremony

The one thing you can’t get married without is a celebrant! Some of our lovely featured celebrants include the following, be sure to check out their profiles on our directory to learn more about them…

Food & Drinks

if you’re not opting for a venue then these guys would provide a killer team…

  • Waji catering- with their new mobile food truck, they can come to you and deliver a 5 star service. 
  • Events with Audrey– the cutest mobile caravan bar going around (and the best tasting cocktails too!)
  • Barista Sista– get these guys to set up in the morning after- a must for the festival wedding!
  • Looking for favours? Wild Valley Chocolates are the MOST delicious chocolates going around, and would make the perfect addition to any dessert bar or wedding favour. 
The Memories

Choosing whether to and how to capture your day is a lasting decision that you’ll be thanking yourselves for years to come. Here are some of our favourite up and coming and seasoned Tasmanian photographers and videographers. 

Don’t forget about getting your photos printed- The Pro Print lab offer a professional printing service and are the experts in working with wedding photographers to bring your best pictures to life. 


Dave West is who you need… from moving ceremony songs, relaxed canape’ covers,  then starting the dance floor singing crowd favourites to a DJ set to finish out your night. 

Getting Ready
  • Sophie McDermott – international experience, but based in Hobart!
  • Liv Rooney Make up  – we love Liv’s soft natural feminine vibes
  • Don’t forget to look after yourself in the lead up… make sure to visit Lavada Cosmetic Clinic for some deep skin treatment, or get in touch with your local Arbonne consultant such as Danielle Seardon, for building your glow from the inside out. 
Getting There
  • Kombi Krew– pick out a Kombi van for your bridal party to travel in style! These guys have an awesome collection of colourful, fun vans that will brighten your day.
  • Grand Touring– limo and car hire around Tasmania, with a huge variety!
The Lead Up

These vendors may inspire you to think about the details you haven’t already thought of yet! 

  • Intimo with Sarah Hazell- get yourself properly fitted with Sarah, who has a range of bridal lingerie, you could even host a party with your bridesmaids!
  • Boudoir Photography with Liv Rooney– this is a great experience not only to build a bit of self-love and confidence, but is an amazing reminder of this point in your life! Also could make a lovely wedding present for your partner!
  • Laser Clinics Australia– head on into Laser Clinics to see what they can do for you in terms of laser hair removal- an excellent idea if you are honeymooning!
  • Three Warriors– stock up on these gorgeous tanning products, toxin-free and earth-friendly!

Well, thats pretty much a wrap! Stay tuned to our socials for further details about our upcoming events and publications.

What COVID-19 means for planning your wedding…

At this point in time, we’re all sitting at home wondering how much more COVID-19 will be impacting our everyday lives in the months ahead. In the interest of the health and safety of our community, we’ve already seen many of our normal everyday activities suddenly grind to a halt. Many couples have had to make the sad decision of cancelling or moving their wedding, bringing the wedding season from its busy summer heights to a very abrupt end.

One such couple- Lauren and Andre- initially weren’t too concerned about the virus, and were only at their wedding venue in Tassie’s north west having final meetings with their photographer and florist in early March. After waking up two weeks ago and reading the news, Lauren went into full panic mode.

“The gravity of it all really set in when we started to get replies to my email from guests saying they had decided to cancel, including Andre’s best mate who had a two week old baby. That’s when we started to have a conversation about if we needed to postpone the whole thing.”

“I sent an email to our suppliers giving them a heads up that we might potentially postpone. They were all very appreciative. I feel like I have built relationships with them after communicating with them about the wedding for one year and I really feel for the hit this will have on the industry and small businesses.”

“We talked about how guilty we would feel if someone got sick and were worried about some of our older friends and family. In the end, I think what threw us over the line was thinking about the priority for the wedding and that was to celebrate our marriage with loved ones. It wasn’t really about the act of getting married itself, but the thought of not having some of our closest family and friends there was too much to bear.”

Lauren and Andre picked up their wedding bands this week and after informing their guests of their decision, and celebrated with wine they’d saved for the wedding. Not quite the celebration they were hoping for, but feeling grateful that they’d secured a new date in February 2021 with all but one of their original suppliers. 

Are you in the same boat? Or perhaps your putting your wedding planning on hold? Here’s some advice from some of our favourite Tassie vendors to help you out over the coming months, and some tips on how you can support the local wedding industry. 

Reschedule, Rethink, Relocate… NOT cancel

The most supportive thing you can do for the industry is to postpone, rather than ask directly for a refund by cancelling. Many vendors have been encouraging couples to rebook at a later date, even suspending new bookings to make sure this can happen. One of the scariest things is that we won’t know when normality is going to return. If a wedding is booked for winter and spring with interstate guests, vendors are suggesting that couples postpone. 

Celebrant ‘love hustler’ Tim Grimsey says it’s important for the industry to be flexible, patient and understanding, but there are also plenty of options for rethinking your wedding as long as it follows the social distancing guidelines. “Consider downsizing to a small group of guests, live streaming, eloping now and partying later!” Unfortunately, this does mean that hugs are on hold.

Understand your contractual obligations to your vendors, and theirs to you. These are extremely unusual circumstances and most businesses will be open to negotiating fees, deposits and payment plans. The best thing that you can do is talk to your vendors early- they really are true professionals, and are willing to help. 

An intimate family affair… Image: By the Wilde

Get creative

Some vendors have already flagged that 2021 dates are filling up given the amount of postponements from this season. Why not look at a Friday night wedding, or a mid-week wedding? Or opt for something small and intimate instead. Getting married is about celebrating your own special love. Your guests will (or certainly should) understand if you decide to not have the big wedding you originally thought you would. 

“Move forward with creative ideas that can be uplifting and accommodating rather than negative. You can still be married!” says celebrant Merren (Cinta.CelebrateLove) reassuringly. Share, listen, and be inspired by other options out there. Many Tassie vendors would still be thrilled to help you plan a downsized backyard surprise wedding, or an intimate elopement for when the time is right again. Use this opportunity to think about what is really important to you, and get creative!

Support our island creatives

Image: Edward Noel Photography

The biggest thing you can do to help the many sole-traders that make up the local wedding industries is hire them! Send some flowers to a friend for their birthday from your florist. Book in a family portrait or engagement session with your photographer. Leave your make up artist a great google review. Buy a gift voucher for a Tassie hideaway to perhaps use on your anniversary. Investigate your local restaurant’s takeaway options. Keep checking in with your local network and offer your support to those who may be struggling. 

Some vendors have been so generous to donate services free of charge for clients who are dealing with such disappointing and stressful times. For example, Hannah from Blossie stationary (@blossie.com.au) has been creating digital postponement notices for her clients to send out to their guests, to ease the pressures that they are facing. 

Continuing to show your support to these creatives is incredibly valuable in times like these. “If a vendor has gone above and beyond your expectations, let everyone know about it! Write a review, share a post, interact with social media posts” said Ed from Ed Noel Photography. There are so many ways to continue to spread the love, despite the physical limitations now imposed upon us, and every little bit of support helps these businesses. 

Be mindful of further disruption

Did you know that many wedding gowns are manufactured overseas- particularly in China? Delays from forced shutdowns in these countries will have a flow on effect to the number of gowns we stock in Tasmania. Most gown orders require a 6 month lead time even in normal circumstances. Little White Boutique in Launceston has already announced that they are making all floor stock available for brides who may be impacted by these delays. We may see many boutiques quietening down over winter, but it’s worth checking to see if they will open for private appointments. Keep this in mind if you had your eye on one of these international labels, but don’t forget we also have plenty of seamstress services in the state that could help you design your dream dress! Check out these from our Online Directory here

Little White Boutique in Launceston

Be Kind

The most important thing in difficult times is to BE KIND. To others, but also to yourself.  

Hair Stylist Amanda Joy urges her clients to stay safe and healthy. Her advice is- “No matter what, remember you are loved and you will get married and will have a beautiful wedding. Stay strong and know that no matter what we have got your back and will do anything to support you where we can.”

Peppermint Bay

Many vendors have already been overwhelmed by the support of their clients through this time. “Some clients have expressed concerns for the business and staff, which is so lovely as they consider cancelling one of the biggest events in their lives”, says Katherine Green from Peppermint Bay. “As always we will do whatever is in our power to help you with your wedding. We are working with couples to re-book as soon as possible.” 

Besides venues, many wedding suppliers are mums, dads, students, and full or part-time workers in another industry. The next 6 months for many of these sole traders in particular is going to be very scary and it may force some to shut up shop completely, or move out of the industry. It’s not easy cancelling a wedding, but people all over the world are dealing with the many serious impacts of this virus, and it’s important to remember just how lucky we are. Be conscious of the faces behind the business, and the families that they support, and lets all cross our fingers that we’ll be able to come together to celebrate normally again soon. 



The Flower Crown

Hooray, its finally Spring! Before too long, we’ll be starting to see the resurgence of the Flower Crown, set to still be on our trend radar this summer. So why are we still so darn obsessed with them?


Flower crowns have been a symbol of love, fertility and celebration throughout history, across different cultures, from all over the world. Perhaps it’s the halo effect. Or the ultra-romantic vibe. Regardless, there is something about wearing them that just makes you feel special. 

The flower crown has been traced back to Ancient Greece, where it was  symbol of celebration. Fastforward through medieval Europe where it made particular waves in Eastern Europe, to China, where the orangs blossom wreath was customarily worn for a wedding, symbolising fertility.

Like the white wedding gown, Queen Victoria also brought the flower crown back into European fashion when she wore an orange blossom wreath  for her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840.

The flower crown has seen surges of popularity from the likes of Marie Antoinette, Frida Kahlo and Dolce and Gabbana. Whilst they may have more recently risen recently from the crowds of Coachella, history has proven that flower crowns will continue to weave in and out of fashion.



Due to the rising popularity of these gorgeous wreaths, we’re seeing more and more ways to incorporate flower crowns into special moments. You might think you can make your own, and luckily, Hobart how has it’s own flower crown party provider.

Queen of Crowns Hobart offers DIY flower crown kits for your hens party, bridal shower, wedding, or just a general girls day out! We love this idea so much that we’ll be hosting DIY flower crown workshops with Queen of Crowns Hobart at our Showcase Event on the 20th of October. Grab your ticket online to secure your spot, as they are super limited!

From oversize flowers to a few simple green sprigs, you can personalise flower crowns to your hearts content. Perhaps you could have your flower girls wear mini-crowns, or create unique ones for each bridesmaid, or ask your hairstylist about incorporating one for yourself.



Keep an eye out for DIY flower clips and more inspirational ideas in our next Issue of Pure Bride Magazine Issue #7, also out in October.


Images: By the Wilde

Styling: Honefig events

Flower Crowns: Queen of Crowns Hobart

2020 Wedding Trend Alert

With our next issue of Pure Bride Magazine just around the corner, we thought we’d update you on some of the trends we’ve seen recently that you can expect to see ramp up this summer. 
1. Theme it All White

Clean, crisp white always looks chic and is so versatile and works for every type of wedding, from a breezy beach bash to a glam, city celebration. You’ll be happy to know that the bridesmaids-wearing-white tradition is in fact longstanding, as it was said to confuse evil spirits! Only in recent years have bridesmaids started wearing colours. But hey, anything goes these days! You can still get creative and contrast gorgeous textures and showcase your besties’ personalities and preferences, so why not in white?

See our Pinterest board at https://www.pinterest.com.au/PureBride/all-white/ for some more inspiration!

2. Crepe is Back

Crepe is back in a big way ladies. As soon as Meghan Markle stepped out hand-in-hand with Prince Harry wearing a Stella McCartney simple white silk crepe halter neck dress for their reception, crepe’s fate was sealed as a major trend for 2019. Flattering, comfortable and minimally chic, it’s no wonder these dresses are flying off the shelves, at reasonable price too! Still plenty more to see this summer, check out Made with Love stocked in both Hobart and Launceston!

Made with Love is bringing out plenty more of these gorgeous silhouettes. Stocked at Little White Boutique in Launceston and Confetti Weddings and Events in Hobart. 

What else can you expect to see? Fabulous corsetry and layering, fluffy frocks, bohemian gone romantic rebel, and modern volume and layering. We think 2020 is shaping up to be a trendy year…


3. Glamping Weddings

Glamping weddings are still booming as more people are opting for venues and locations off the beaten track.Weddings can also go so quickly, so the beauty of glamping is that you often get two nights and that makes it more of a holiday weekend for your friends and family. There are plenty of mobile glamping companies popping up around Tasmania, worth considering if you had a property in mind!



4. Individuality

Creating a celebration that reflects you as a couple has become the focus of planning a wedding in recent years… and hey, what a fun way to look at it! The day is all about YOU and your loved ones. Does that mean you elope just with the two of you and your fur babies? Or perhaps it means you have a festival wedding with an open invite! The choices are endless, and it means that no two weddings will be ever the same. 

But easier said than done, right? How do you make the day you? Don’t be overwhelmed, this is where choosing suppliers come in. With their expertise in bringing a vision to life, help is never far away. They’ve dealt with all different types of couples, so have seen it all and will pretty quickly pick up your vibe. Cookie-cutter weddings are a thing of the past, and Tasmanian local stylists have a whole lot of great things going on. 

Cat, a Real Tasmanian Bride from Issue 7 who had an intimate wedding of 20 guests on Tasmania’s East Coast advises others to just “do you” and choose suppliers that get you. 

In planning our wedding, the most important thing was trusting all of our suppliers and working with great people. On the day, we had 100% confidence that everything would be amazing – and it was.”

“The best thing we ever did was choose our venue, guest list (having a small wedding helped), suppliers, vibe and dates before chatting with our family. It gave us to really think through how we wanted our most special day to go.”


Come and meet more of Pure Bride’s partner suppliers at our Annual Showcase Event on the 20th of October, and they can tell you first hand how they work their magic!

5. Sustainability

Many couples are well aware today of the impact of hosting a large event, not just on their bank balance but also on the environment around them. More couples are now opting for environmentally friendly choices that contribute positively to the community around them.

Sites such as Less Stuff More Meaning provide handy tips for the earth-conscious bride and groom, from going zero-waste, finding healthier menu alternatives, to general advice on how you can make your event more planet-friendly. The Mindfully Wed e-Guide is a great place to start! https://lessstuffmoremeaning.org/mindfullywed-eguide/


Winter Viking Wedding Shoot- Stellar Weddings

The island of Tasmania is full of incredible yet undiscovered creatives. This styled winter shoot coordinated by Stellar Weddings shows just that. No amount of snow turned these guys off, and we are thrilled to share this styled shoot with you.

By Stellar Weddings

When the idea of “Winter Viking Wedding” came to the girls at Kingbilly Flora, they knew it would be the opportunity of a lifetime to create a scene that showed just how incredible some of these undiscovered creatives were and thus these images were born. Kingbilly Flora created floral arrangements solely with dried flowers. The creative points for the pieces in this shoot were “Fierce and Bold Ruler”. They wanted to created pieces that made the couple Feel what they needed to project. 

 Tasmania has some of Australia’s best photographers. The scenery on this bountiful island is muse to our incredible artists behind the camera. But when it came to choosing a photographer for this shoot, only one came to mind. Otherwise known as “snow child” Shirley Bliss started as a Commercial Photographer specialising in food photography in the local restaurant scene. Her ability to evoke emotions through inanimate objects led her to pursue Wedding photography. Where there’s passion, she will make you feel it. And that’s exactly what she did in this shoot. Shirley now photographs a combination of multiple genres that she has accumulated through her photography journey. Food, fashion and passion, she can capture it all and give you all the feels.

With so many wedding boutiques across Tasmania it was difficult to choose a dress we knew would “fit the bill” but after a lot of research we came across a boutique that we couldn’t go past. A local fashion boutique- Strutt Design Studio. They  specialise in bridal and formal wear. When we told Strutt about this collaboration they were on board straight away and without so much as a conversation they knew they had the perfect dress to fit the scene and that they did. Every element of this dress was perfect for this shoot. 

The make up was created by Tanisha Koops. Tanisha needed no guidance. In the door at 7am on the day of the shoot, having never met, she made us feel so confident in her ability to create the look that was needed. “Fierce” was the word she gave us and we agreed. Within an hour she had our bride looking like the most Boss bride you’d ever seen. 

You can’t have a Viking wedding without Viking armour, right? The props were handcrafted by a local Dad & Daughter team- Victor and Elisabeth Soo. They create props with foam: otherwise known as the “Foamsmith”  these incredible pieces looked the part with unbelievable attention to detail. They were everything we dreamed of and more. 

Finally, the couple. Toby and Esther Long. Both medical professionals, they share not only their work space but the most intense passion for each other both on and off camera. These guys had us feeling all kinds of emotions! Although this wasn’t their actual wedding, you would never have guessed it. Their love for each other just as strong as the day they said “I do” over three years ago. If you love a good Nicholas Sparks movie, you’d love this couple! 


Social Media Handles:

Photography: @Stellar.weddings 

Dress: @Struttdesign

Make-up: @Tanishakoops 

Concept & Flowers: @Kingbillyflora Props: @Makeroos 

Models: @Esthermlong & @toobyl

Blank Canvas- What you need to know

Photo: Olivia Brown Photography, Sandridge Estate NW Tasmania

Venue hire is undoubtedly one of the biggest expenses when it comes to wedding days, and it can be very tempting to cut costs in this area and hire a “blank canvas” venue such as a hall or shed that doesn’t include the big dollar bells and whistles of specialised venues. 

Blank canvases can be beautiful and unique but they can come with a lot more considerations and work for bride and groom. It’s easy to be swayed by a pretty location and a low price tag, but to ensure you avoid any wedding day dramas or disasters there are some things you’ll want to double and triple check before booking that blank canvas venue. Think about each of these:

  • Is the venue in a residential area? You don’t want your reception party shut down by the fuzz before the sun goes down!
  • Capacity of the facilities. If you have one loo and 200 guests you’re in for a bad time.
  • Chair and table hire? This can get costly if it’s not included with the venue. Also think about other items such as audio visual equipment, kitchen facilities, lighting, decorations etc. Are these extras?
  • Power capacity – lights, audio, fridges, heating/cooling etc. Are you going to end up shorting and being left in the dark?
  • Safety of your venue. Smoke detectors, safe exits, hazards, insurances. You want your guests going home happy and safe.
  • Some of the best blank canvases can be a little remote. How are your guests getting there and home safely? Will your caterers, DJs, band, wait staff be willing to go the distance? Transport can be pricey.

Venues that specialise in big events such as weddings charge a price that reflects the amount of work and risk that they face. They put in love and labour, with landscaping, cleaning, maintenance, decoration and set up, to get a property perfect and wedding ready.

Communication and availability is one of the biggest must-haves with any venue you decide to go with. There is inevitably a lot of back and forth communication that will go on between you and the venue owner/manager. You want to be able to reach them for the finer details and to view the property multiple times, particularly close to the wedding day. Are they going to be able to provide that time to you? Think about your stress levels here.

A big drawcard for the blank canvas venue is that they are often more free rein; no venue rules and regs to worry about, and you can dance ‘til 5am. Okay, I don’t want to sound like anyone’s mum here but who’s going to be cleaning that up? Even at the most tame wedding there is inevitable party wear and tear. Spillages, glasses broken, floors scratched, driveways churned up, gardens walked through. I went to one reeeally fun wedding where “lively” (a.k.a. uber drunk) guests broke in excess of fifty glasses. At $5 a glass the new bride and groom woke up to a very unpleasant surprise bill.

So the bells and whistles at specialised venues can be a little pricey for a reason. They can mean a lot less to organise, a lot less to clean up, a lot fewer hidden extras to pay for and way more time for you to relax in the lead up to your wedding. There is a lot to consider but get your list and check it off — the most important thing is for you to have a happy and worry-free day.


Words: Amy Farrell

The Bridal Party: To Love, Honour, and Protect

Photo: Jon Gazzignato, Clare & Brady's Real Wedding Issue 6

In the days and months after your engagement your nearest and dearest friends are going to start looking at you with anticipation in their eyes. What are they waiting to find out? It’s definitely not your venue selection or who will be catering the reception. Their hungry eyes are waiting to see if they have made the cut for your bridal party, or the ultimate honour of best man / maid of honour. While you deliberate on your big decisions those looks will persist, and some might even be so bold as to ask the question; “So, who is going to be your maid of honour?”

What we don’t often get asked is “why a maid of honour?”

Before you choose your special few, let’s take a moment to reflect on the rich history of marriage celebrations and revel in the realisation that weddings are, at their core, beautifully bonkers.

There are a huge range of legends, myths, and superstitions shaping our modern day wedding ceremonies, many of which come from Ancient Rome. The Romans were a suspicious and paranoid lot who believed a bride and groom needed ten maids and ten men to stand by them and protect them from evil spirits. The bridal parties dressed identically in order to confuse the devilish forces and prevent them from targeting the love birds.

Other origin stories say that the parties weren’t there to chase the bad vibes away; they were there to protect the couple from dangerous dowry thieves and bride-nappers. Who might try to kidnap the bride? According to legend the tradition comes from cultures where “marriage by capture” was common. The groom’s men formed a little army to ride in and snatch up the bride from a neighbouring community or disapproving family. They had to fight off anyone that got in the way of the kidnapping and stand guard to prevent her family from trying to bride-nap her back.

If a family knew that a particular girl was going to be targeted by captors they would have her maids and servants dress identically to her. They hoped that this would confuse the little army of kidnappers and maybe they would even pinch the wrong girl.

The best man was chosen based on his skill with a sword and his fighting prowess and presumably the maid of honour was a high ranking servant, who hopefully could pass as the bride.

An amazing mix of culture, tradition, fashion and maybe even blood-soaked battle have created the roles and responsibilities our much-loved best men and maids of honour have today. Whether it be it wielding their swords to protect your life and dowry, or simply popping that champagne by your side, it’s a gesture that remains just as relevant today in recognising how special these people are to you. Let’s hope it’s just for the latter. 


Photo: ACOMA Photography, Caitlin & Jo’s Real Wedding Issue 6